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About Us

We are pleased to introduce to you Alliance Medical Centre, a state of the art healthcare facility, providing general, specialized and referral services at the heart of Eastleigh. We would like to partner with you in providing comprehensive healthcare services for your corporate and individual clients within the North East Region (Garissa) and Nairobi-Eastleigh hub.

Alliance Medical centre has two branches with other branches coming up. The Nairobi Branch is located at the junction of 12th Avenue Eastleigh and General Waruinge Street, opposite former KBS garage. P.O Box 71141-00610 Eastleigh.

The Garissa branch is located at Mabruk House Junction of Miraa rd and Posta Rd P.O Box 1808-7010 Garissa. In line with our vision & mission, we endeavor to avail both general and specialized healthcare services within the proximity of residential areas. Our objective is to reach out to patients and corporates within North Eastern region (Garissa) and Nairobi-Eastleigh, who previously would attend other specialized clinics and services in other major hospitals.

Over and above this, we have facilities within our healthcare centre to conduct complex medical tests and to effectively administer treatment and interventions that would otherwise require the patients to visit major hospitals over long distances.

We accept majority of the insurance companies that offer coverage for health care services in the Kenyan market. Among the insurance companies we partner with are Jubilee, APA, UAP, Britam, Resolution, and among others.